• Business and Corporate Law: Legal advice for the formation, business transactions and dissolution of legal entities like Corporations, Limited Liability Company, and others. Joint Venture and Franchising agreements, and Offshore Legal Services.

  • Contracts and Property Rights: Contracts Negotiation and Legal advice in private law matters.

  • Environmental Law: In environmental regulations, environmental impact statements, environmental standards, hearings and community participation. Administrative proceedings including permitting requirements and fines, among others.

  • Family Law: In Family Law matters and Family mediation.​

  • Government Contracts and Permits: In Government Contracts, Concessions, and Administrative Matters.

  • International Law and Foreign Investment: Legal advice in Treaties, Trade and Foreign Investment Regulations.

  • Intellectual Property: In Registration and Administrative Proceeding for Copy Rights and Industrial Property, such as Trademarks and Patents.

  • Labor and Immigration Law: In Employment Law regarding Health and Safety Legislation, Labor-Management Relations Law, and Labor Dispute Resolutions. We also advice in all types of Immigration Visas, Permits and for the Naturalization proceedings.​

  • Litigation and Dispute Resolution in the following areas: Administrative, Commercial, Civil, Intellectual Properties and Taxation​ matters. 

  • Private Foundations: Legal Advice in order to protect your heritage, property and wealths.

  • Real Estate and Land Development: In Real Estate Legislation, Commercial Transaction and Contracts​.

  • Regulatory Law: Consumer Regulations, Antitrust and Competition Legislation, and Public Utilities such as, Media, Communications, Energy, among others.​

  • Special Legislation: Colon Free Zone Legislation, Panama Pacific Economic Area Legislation, City of Knowledge Regulation, among others special economic areas and free zones.

  • Taxation: Tax Advice and Administrative Procedures before the Tax Authorities, Special Tax regimens and International Taxation advice. Social Security and Municipal Taxes Advice.



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