Based in our experience as Business Law Consultant in the private sector and six years in the academic area as Dean of the Law School at the Catholic University of Panama, we have the knowledge and competencies to developed different training program for your enterprise or business. 

With this program we aim to develop within your collaborative team the knowledge and soft skills needed to keep focus on your strategic goals.

Consultant and Training Services:

Areas of Interest:

  • Business Law:
    • Business Organization through Legal Entities
    • Offshore Advantages
    • Taxation Planning, Investment and Doble Taxation Treaties
    • Labor and Immigration Topics
    • Antitrust, Trade and Competence Law
    • Regulations to Protect your Heritage and Property
  • Strategic Planning
  • Negotiations Skills
  • Leadership Skills
  • Ethics in the Employment Relationships 
  • The relation Family and Job

Best Legal Practice Results-Oriented